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Blood Glucose Monitor

Our latest technology provides testing with ease of use and comfort. FASTLAB system is intended for self-testing outside the body. It should be used only for testing blood glucose and with fresh capillary whole blood. The system is intended for use in the home and in clinical settings. Fast lab glucometer comes with Following 1. Rapid test strips pack of 25 strips (No Coding) 2. Pack of Lancets 25 Pcs 3. Monitoring Device X 1 4. Lancing Device X 1 5. Battery X 1 6. Pouch X 1 7. Booklet X 1

Blood Glucose Rapid Test Strips

FastLab blood glucose rapid test strips comes with pack of 25 test strips and a combo box contains 2 packs of 50 test strips. FastLab Rapid Test Strip is equipped with latest micro technology which makes it unique compare to others, it is the first test strip in the market which requires a little amount of blood sample of 0.7ul to perform test. Pack OF 50

Blood Pressure Monitor

FASTLAB blood pressure monitor is a remarkable instrument ideal for people who frequently monitor their own blood pressure because it’s easy to use, simple and user-friendly. By simply push of a button the monitor measures your blood pressure and pulse and displays the reading on a clear digital panel. It can be used in-home care environments and medical centers.

Upper Arm Cuff

Blood Pressure Cuff for digital upper arm blood pressure monitor Size 22*42cm Can easily fit any type of (Adult) body. Universal digital arm cuff designed to use with any BP Monitoring Digital device.